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The Rolling Stones and Sustainability

Bridget Niedzielski

December 6, 2018

Welcome back to the Beggars’ Banquet Vintage blog!

This month we're taking you back in time via our moniker, “Beggars’ Banquet”.

During the past few weeks, America discovered that the quintessential rock & roll band, The Rolling Stones, is set to launch another US tour beginning April 2019 in Miami, FL. Guitarist and founding member, Keith Richards, proclaimed that this American tour will be a “homecoming” of sorts for this international act based out of London, UK.

The Stones are the world’s highest-regarded and longest actively performing rock & roll band of all-time. And it’s precisely this that makes them so iconic and sustainable. Timeless and stylized, they’re Brits with a permanent passport into what is often overlooked, displaced or discarded in America’s early modern musical archives— Roots Rock Rhythms.

For us, it was a no-brainer to name our independent vintage shoppe after their most curated & pivotal career-making album to date, “Beggars Banquet”, released 50 years ago today in 1968. We believe this album is a true testament to all things built to outlast  and revisit. Just as America was in 1968 — just as Beggars’ Banquet Vintage is today.

Discover Sustainable Fashion

Mandy Rogers-Kravetz

Like many things in life, sustainability, often defined as an “avoidance of the depletion of natural resources,” is not as complicated as you might think. One simple way to lessen your personal impact on the environment is by purchasing and wearing vintage clothing. 

Experts estimate that the average American disposes of about 80 pounds of clothing per year, creating more than 26 billion pounds of textile waste annually. This trend of disposable clothing represents almost 6 percent of all municipal waste.

Beggar’s Banquet Vintage is committed to “The Three R’s of the Environment: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.” We are dedicated to finding quality vintage fashion while reducing the amount of clothing being discarded in landfills. Discovering quality vintage garments and home goods is truly our passion.

We bring you an alternative to the big chain stores that feature low-quality products that are disposible. Each vintage item we secure is ready to be reused with a new owner! Upgrade your closet today with our environmentally friendly classic vintage finds! The planet and your wallet will thank you!

Remember that classic vintage clothing never really goes out of style. Vintage items are more than just “used clothing”. They make a strong statement and were made with a craftsmanship that is hard to find today. Most vintage items were hand-made in America and are difficult to reproduce in today’s economy.

Enhance your unique style with one-of-a-kind pieces. You’ll look and feel great while expressing your personality. 

When you wear vintage, mixing it up with quality current pieces (French Connection is a good choice) will keep you from looking costume-ish.

Respect our planet by conserving natural resources and reducing waste. The future generations will thank you.

Go green. Think sustainably. Shop Beggar’s Banquet Vintage in Philadelphia.