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The Rolling Stones and Sustainability

Bridget Niedzielski

December 6, 2018

Welcome back to the Beggars’ Banquet Vintage blog!

This month we're taking you back in time via our moniker, “Beggars’ Banquet”.

During the past few weeks, America discovered that the quintessential rock & roll band, The Rolling Stones, is set to launch another US tour beginning April 2019 in Miami, FL. Guitarist and founding member, Keith Richards, proclaimed that this American tour will be a “homecoming” of sorts for this international act based out of London, UK.

The Stones are the world’s highest-regarded and longest actively performing rock & roll band of all-time. And it’s precisely this that makes them so iconic and sustainable. Timeless and stylized, they’re Brits with a permanent passport into what is often overlooked, displaced or discarded in America’s early modern musical archives— Roots Rock Rhythms.

For us, it was a no-brainer to name our independent vintage shoppe after their most curated & pivotal career-making album to date, “Beggars Banquet”, released 50 years ago today in 1968. We believe this album is a true testament to all things built to outlast  and revisit. Just as America was in 1968 — just as Beggars’ Banquet Vintage is today.